About Us

Quantus is a major national supplier of support services for the legal profession. As a totally independent company, we believe in building long term relationships with our clients and presenting a friendlier and less corporate face.

Quantus works closely with key organisations to ensure we continue to provide effective solutions that meet the changing needs of the profession.

In 2012, and in response to the increasing risks that exist during estate distribution and external pressure to demonstrate risk management, Quantus now assists wills and probate practitioners through the provision of the Certainty National Will Registers services.

Quantus in conjunction with Certainty now offers a range of Wills and Probate services including:

  • Will Search
  • Will Registration
  • Will Management with integrated marketing
  • Missing Will Insurance report process to insurers specification

From this website you can search for a Will but for all other services please go to www.quantuslegal.co.uk, email us at enquiries@quantuslegal.co.uk or call us on 0845 481 0325.

Being adaptable and flexible has not only helped us survive in a competitive industry, it’s the reason we’ve been so successful. It’s what sets us apart.